Deep clean any dental appliance on auto-pilot

For moms who care: ensuring your child's smile remains bright, healthy and confident.

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Kills 100% of nasty bacteria

Clears plaque &
build up

Protection from
tooth decay

Brushing them nasty retainers ends today

Experience stress-free dental hygiene with our advanced technology, ensuring your retainers stay clean and bacteria-free.

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Brushing them nasty retainers doesn't work

Bacteria thrives on brushed retainers & starts rapidly eating away at your teeth.

With our LumaSmile techology, we ensure your retainers stay clean & bacteria-free.

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Protect your childs
smile at all costs

Improperly cleaned retainers quickly gather a build up of plaque, causing cavities & permenant tooth decay.

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Deep clean all your dental appliances

From your Invisalign clear aligners to your grandmother's dentures, the LumaSmile pod will deep clean it all.

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LumaSmile™ dental
rejuvenation pod

Kills bacteria & clears plaque build up


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Why 1,000's choose us

It's no secret, see why our past
mothers love LumaSmiles.

"Never been this easy..."

"As a mother of a teenager with retainers, I can't express how much relief LumaSmile has brought us. Cleaning my child's retainers has never been this easy and efficient. It's quick, straightforward, and the results are truly impressive. If your child is on a dental journey, LumaSmile is a must."


"Remain crystal clear..."

"My daughter used to be self-conscious about wearing her retainers because they'd often look cloudy. But since using LumaSmile, they remain crystal clear, and she's confidently flashing her smile everywhere she goes. LumaSmile has truly made a difference in her dental journey and her self-esteem!"


"How impressed I am..."

"I can't emphasize enough how impressed I am with LumaSmile! As a parent who's also a dentist, I can vouch for the product's efficiency and design. If you're a parent looking for a reliable solution for your child's dental appliance hygiene, LumaSmile gets my highest recommendation."


How it works

Understand the technology behind LumaSmile.

1. Fill with water

Fill with approx. 150ml of water & optionally add a cleaning tablet.

2. Removes plaque

Watch the ultra-sonic waves break away any plaque build up.

3. Kills bacteria

The medical grade UV light then destroys any nasty bacteria.

4. Squeaky clean

Enjoy your squeaky clean appliance in under 5 minutes!

Deep clean any of your dental appliances

From your childs aligners to your mother's dentures, the LumaSmile pod deep cleans it all removing any plaque & bacteria.

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